el borde no aguanta

Shown here is the sculptural component of my undergraduate thesis at Hampshire College in December 2005. The project was a fusion of sculptural form and bilingual text intended to provide an alternative source of information about Venezuelan culture and reforming health care system.

This work provides images that accompany a series of true stories; it is also an investigation of craftsmanship and material theory, and served to purge me of untold secrets, biased images, personal attachment and private emotion. Much of the emotion and secrecy was entrusted to me by strangers. Written word alone cannot encompass human burden. The images reconcile the moments during interviews when my mind stopped translating words and formed only plane and volume.

Welfare has come to be considered a cost rather than a contribution to human development. Our derogatory perspective of welfare is symptomatic of globalization, privatization, urbanization, the technological and information revolutions, neoliberal economic practices, borders, unending high intensity class warfare. These are the driving contextual forces surrounding any investigation of health care in the contemporary world.

(the edges among us do not endure the land the water nor wind.)