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Enverre Moment is a collection of ways to preserve wedding flowers in glass. ‘Enverre’ is what I call fusing flowers between two pieces of glass in a kiln. This collection turns carefully curated celebratory ‘moments’ into heirlooms.

Enverre panes can be framed in myriad ways, and reflect a wide array of style— with photos or other keepsakes, in furniture, as an architectural aspect of your home. Below are some projects from this series. Please use them as inspiration for your own design creativity. The process works with both dried and fresh flowers, projected commissions can be added to registries, and we’re happy to ship. Email to discuss. Follow me on facebook and instagram for new ideas weekly.

    • enverre examples

    • Stained Glass Panels

      Stained Glass Panels

      Panels can be any dimension, color, and design, and be framed with copper, zinc or wood. Other elements, such as wood, porcelain, metal, can be collaged into these frames. Small, simple designs start at $50.

    • On Reclaimed Wood

      On Reclaimed Wood

      New Orleans is particularly rich with old wood. You may also choose to reclaim wood that is symbolic to you. Starting at $50.

    • Memory Box

      Memory Box

      These reclaimed (sanded, stained) cigar boxes are a great gift to a married couple, or as thank you gifts from the couple to their wedding party/ supporters. These can be ordered as sets, or individuals. Prices begin at $55 per box. See here for more examples of these 'memory boxes'.

    • Jewelry Boxes

      Jewelry Boxes

      Gorgeous custom boxes crafted by Beau Crouch. Destined to become cherished family heirlooms. Your flower panes can be installed in top, interior, as shelves, depending on design. Endless possibilities in shape, size, level of intricacy (think full furniture!). Small boxes make great bridesmaids/ groomsmen gifts.

    • Standoff Hardware

      Standoff Hardware

      Simple, clean, modern. Stands off ½ inch off the wall. Best on walls not painted white. Starting at $45. (ask for batch pricing)

    • Side Lights

      Side Lights

      There are so many architectural design options! This is part of how my friend Miki made her new home hers. Priced according to design scope. Inquire.

    • Transoms


      Your flower panes can be made to fit into pre-existing, found, or custom made architectural details. This is an example of Enverre pieces installed in a reclaimed window frame. It could then be hung on a wall or installed into more permanently into a window frame, wall, or door in your home.

    • Cabinetry


      These panes can be framed in any furniture. Please contact me with your ideas! Shown here, bay leaves in a home on Laurel street in New Orleans, La.

    • Picture Frames

      Picture Frames

      Currently working on a variety of prototypes- wood, metal, and stained glass picture frames are all possibilities, as are a range of designs and sizes.

    • Photo Album

      Photo Album

      We are currently working on prototypes for picture albums/ journals with enverre panes framed on the cover. These can be custom ordered now.

    • Furniture Modification

      Furniture Modification

      If you have furniture (perhaps a hutch, or special box?) that you'd like to add enverre panes to, please inquire!