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Caitlin Waugh
Caitlin Waugh

Caitlin Ezell Waugh chose a career in art because she wants to  be happy. Her childhood taught her the love of tools and creation. Waugh now lives and works in her home studio in Uptown New Orleans. She is honored to work alongside other talented gulf coast artists.

Waugh’s sculptural work is conceptual and often narrative. “Concerns outside of herself’ are deeply personal- she strives to make work that sparks conversation among a wide community. Her forms function as symbols of stories she is attempting to tell and are often physically practical as furniture. Her work is within the realm of conceptual craft.

Through her treatment of metal, wood, glass and found objects, Waugh explores aesthetics of decay, vulnerability, and material and textural variation. She is dedicated to the rejuvenation of the stained glass trade, to using traditional techniques inventively. Her work is patient as well as spontaneously decisive.

  • Ongoing Representation

    • Galleries/  Art Markets

    • Whereyart, New Orleans, LA. 2014—present
    • Botanical Gardens, New Orleans, LA. 2014—present
    • YAYA Inc., New Orleans, LA. 2015—present
    • Deurty Boys, New Orleans, LA. 2016—present
    • CJ Nero New Orleans, LA. 2016—present
    • Cake Café, New Orleans, LA. 2013—present
    • Palmer Park Juried Market, monthly, New Orleans, LA. 2008—Present
    • Little Flea Market, Sophie B. Wright Park 2016—Present


  • Exhibitions

    • Variety of open studio and house-party shows, particularly on 2nd Saturdays at Dancing Grounds, ongoing
    • “Enverre” HBHC, New Orleans, LA. Feb —present
    • “Crossroads”, Whereyart Gallery, Julia St., New Orleans, LA, February 2015
    • ‘Verre Efflorescence’, Nola Potter, Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA November 2013
    • “Mirror work”,Foundation Gallery, Julia St. New Orleans, LA. April 2013
    • “Do you want gold?”, Life is Art Foundation, Honeyspace Gallery, Chelsea, NY. April 2010
    • “Lost”, Lost Love Lounge, New Orleans, LA. April 2010
    • “Flight”, Burnett Gallery, Amherst, MA. December 2007
    • “The City Generation #1”, Pushkin Gallery, Greenfield, MA. February 2007
    • “La Primera y El Tercer; The First and the Third”, APE Gallery, Northampton, MA. July 2006
    • “El Borde No Aguanta Tierra Agua Ni Viento/(Health in Venezuela)”, Hampshire College Main Gallery, Thesis Installation. December 2005
    • “Gusanos en la Madera”, Solo Installation, UNEAC, Havana, Cuba. December, 2004

    also shown as Solo Installation at Pennacook Art Gallery, Rumford, ME. March 2005


    • Biannual stained glass technique classes for adults, Glassworks, New Orleans, LA. 2013—present
    • Enrolled in Pilchuck Glass School, June-July 2013, with a focus on kiln glass work.
    • Weekly instruction in trade for shop-sitting and assistant teaching at DKClay, New Orleans, LA. Nov. 2009—2011. Presently use this space independently for kiln work.
    • Taught stained glass technique classes at Greenproject, New Orleans, LA. March 2010, Nov. 2011
    • Began Paraph, my commission sculpture and stained glass restoration business, June 2006— Present (the bulk of my ongoing art-based employment is in restoring/ designing new windows throughout New Orleans and making glass based sculpture)
    • Taught Jan-term stained glass intensive course at Hampshire College Lemelson Shop, Amherst, MA. January 2006 and 2007
    • Glazier apprenticeship then paid employment, Stained Glass, Luminosity Studio/ Barry Friedman, Waitsfield, VT. February — November 2006
    • BA, Sculpture/Literary Journalism, Spanish minor, Hampshire College, Graduated December 2005
    • Woodcarving mentorship with Abel Barroso, Havana, Cuba. September—December 2004